15 Ways to Summer-proof Your Skin

Unfortunately sunburn is not one of the greatest things you can experience during summer. However, it’s surprisingly easy to get sunburnt if you don’t pay attention. Your skin has many helpful functions, take care of it!

15. Seek Cover


No matter how happy you are to see the sun after especially a long winter, it’s really important to keep covered up for your skin’s health. Always try to wear protective clothing and seek shade where possible. The sun can be tricky sometimes.

14. Hat and Sunglasses


These two might seem pretty obvious, but we often forget about it and only comes to our mind when it’s too late. Protecting our eyes and head is necessary, as well. Plus, they can be perfect accessories for your outfit.

13. Always Wear Sunscreen


In this case always really means always, like all year round. Even when you not feel it on cloudy winter days, you should wear at least a moisturizer containing sun proof factor (SPF) every day. Only use high quality products!

12. Know the Process


Now that you know when to apply it, you only have to learn how to do it. The best if you put it on 20 minutes before leaving the house. There’s a large choice of textures like cream, fluid, gel, lotion, etc. choose which is good for your skin.

11. Apply & Reapply


Applying your sunscreen one time is not enough. You should reapply min. Every 80 minutes. Two layers are always better than none, keep that in mind. Plus, don’t forget repeating it after swimming, showering and toweling.

10. High Factor


Believe it or not, it does matter how effective your sunscreen is. People with different types of skin can take different factors. And for example SPF of 50+ is not dedicated to those who are particularly at risk, you should use it too.

9. Avoid Sun Beds


Prepare for a huge myth to be destroyed. Using sun bed right before a big holiday will not prevent a sunburn. Even if you’re already tanned, you can never be safe without protection on the sun. In addition, sun beds cause the skin to age prematurely and increase wrinkles.

8. Separate SPF for Face


Your face is a completely different story from your body. Ladies, having SPF in your makeup and moisturizer is a great help for you, especially in the strong summer sun. But if you don’t use anything get a sunscreen made for your face since it’s always exposed to the strong sun.

7. Drink Water


Staying hydrated is the solution for almost any problem. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water during those hot summer days to rehydrate all the body’s cells. It’s the biggest help you can get from the inside of your body.

6. Omega Oil


Guess what! Taking omega-3 fatty acids on a daily basis can actually lower the risk of skin cancer. Whether through your diet and/or diet, that’s your decision. It simply boosts the skin’s immunity to sunlight.

5. Don’t Stay


We often stay in the sun longer than our skin can tolerate in the beginning. This is particularly true when we are on a holiday. Of course, who wants to stay inside all day and not having fun? Still, be careful and don’t torture yourself.

4. Wear After-Sun


When you become pro in applying sunscreen before going outside, you are ready to learn using after-products. Plus, your skin is more active at night so it really matters what you put on it for its recovery process.

3. Exfoliate


Taking care of your skin includes regularly exfoliating. Try not to forget it, especially before a holiday trip. If you exfoliate your skin in advance, it will prevent peeling later. But to avoid that you also have to do everything you have to.

2. Treat Your Skin


Time can heal everything but you speed things up a bit. If you already got a sunburn, you can still do a few things to relieve the pain. Apply some cooling after-sun or yoghurt every hour and try to wear loose clothes made of cotton.

1. Have Fun


Last but not least enjoy your summer! If you follow these simple rules, there will be no problem. But don’t overestimate your skin, it takes time when you realize something went wrong. Just relax!