American Millennials Are Fitter But Less Social Says Poll

Imagine the modern college student: she’s social but loves to keep her evenings low-key. She cooks, she blogs, and she almost never skips a day at the gym. That "srat" party off-campus? Maybe after the new episode of "Mr. Robot" ends.

American college students are spending less time partying and more time at the gym than students in the U.K. and Australia. (Image: PointImages/Adobe Stock)

UNiDAYS, a student discount and marketing brand, recently revealed that the average college student in the U.S., U.K. and Australia prioritizes leg-day over keg stands: Americans especially.

The company collected their data using a poll on their fashion, food and lifestyle blog, The Edit, asking students how they like to spend their free time.

American millennials like to get nerdy: they read, write and blog more than students in the U.K. and Australia. (Image: oneinchpunch/Adobe Stock)

Quality time with the squad proved to be the most popular pastime globally: 73 percent of Americans said they love to socialize with friends, compared to a 77 percent global average. Further down the list, however, Americans begin to look a little less outgoing.

Whereas partying came in 9th among U.S. millennials behind cooking and blogging, it ranked 7th globally. Apparently, reading and writing are a thing in America. The categories with the biggest percentage gaps between the U.S. and global averages are reading, blogging and writing.

College students in the U.S. love to exercise -- so much so that brands have started to change the way they market., (Image: gstockphoto/Adobe Stock)

U.S. Students Would Rather Workout Than Go Out

So American students are academic, but they’re also healthy and fit. Forty-two percent of Americans said they like to spend precious time on their fitness grind. This is something UNiDAYS picked up on almost immediately when they entered the U.S. market, according to their Vice President and U.S. Team Lead, Marisa Allan.

When the company expanded from the U.K. to the U.S. last January, they initially focused on partnering with fashion brands, such as Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and ASOS. However, they soon noticed that American audiences demanded more diversity. That’s when they began to partner with fitness brands like Reebok, Zumba, Teeki and Sole Bicycles.

“The thing that we see in American students, especially this year, is that they’re healthy and they’re going to the gym,” Allan tells LIVESTRONG.COM.

Americans Are (Maybe) Eating Healthier

Students aren’t only working out; they’re also cooking for themselves. Thirty-seven percent of U.S. millennials like to cook, three percentage points above the global average. While, studies prove that those who consistently eat-in are way healthier than their dine-out counterparts, we're not sure if "cooking" includes instant ramen or not.

Nevertheless, U.S. millennials still manage to treat themselves to take-out. UNiDAYS also released a study detailing what American students drop change on, and found that restaurant food and take-out were the 4th and 5th most popular indulgences.

Other research backs this up: According to a study done by The Boston Consulting Group, millennials eat out more than non-millennials (3.4 times a week compared to 2.8). They’re also more likely to order during off-peak hours and get their food to-go.

Americans college students spend their money on shoes more than anything else. (Image: astrosystem/Adobe Stock)

Here's the Kicker

But what’s the number one thing American college students ball out on? Kicks. Sneaks. Trainers. Believe it. The U.S. was the only country that named shoes their most frequent buy.

While 67 percent of students prioritize shoes, 62 percent shell out for beauty and grooming products, and 60 percent go in on daywear. And once again, partying fell by the wayside, with party wear coming in at 8th place with 36 percent.

What Do YOU Think?

What do you spend most of your free time doing? What do you think of American students partying less and exercising more than students in the U.K. and Australia? Where does your hard-earned cash go? What are some of your favorite health and fitness brands? Let us know in the comments section!